We will be facilitating “The Journey Begins” Celebrate Recovery Step Study Groups starting Monday, January 16th 7:00PM at Ridge Church. Click the button for info!

Chip Celebration: At Celebrate Recovery we have recovery chips to CELEBRATE recovery time in any area. We all have hurts, that can lead to hang-ups. In order to deal with these hurts and hang-ups, we develop habits as a way to self-medicate the pain.  These habits can be anything from substance abuse, alcohol consumption, issues with food, gambling, anger, pornography, co-dependency, self-harm etc. So, tonight we want to celebrate our recovery journeys and give thanks to God for his working in our lives. Each chip marks a set of time. The chips are something tangible that can be a source of ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION for ourselves and can be a beacon of HOPE for others.

This CELEBRATION reminds us that we are not just “doing time” in recovery; we ARE making progress in the journey!

Not everyone takes a chip at Celebrate Recovery; you can pass or allow us to CELEBRATE with you.

We all say KEEP COMING BACK! after each chip to encourage us not to quit before the miracle happens.