Barry is the Co-ministry Leader of Ridge-Meadows Celebrate Recovery. He was part of the original TEAM that started the group in 2004, and has led Men’s Share Groups, Step Studies and Life’s Healing Choices and is very active as a sponsor and mentor. He’s also a musician and loves to Worship God.

Barry has experienced God’s faithfulness and unconditional love through CR. As he began to work the program the chaos and dysfunction in his life was replaced with restoration and healing.

He loves spending time with his children and grandchildren and looks forward to family gatherings.

Carol is the Co-ministry Leader of Ridge-Meadows Celebrate Recovery. She was part of the original TEAM that started the group in 2004. Carol is also the CR Rep for South BC and interim Rep for all of BC.

She has led Ladies Step Studies, Life’s Healing Choices and Open Share. She loves to sing and worshipping God brings her so much joy.

She is very involved with her family and adores her eight grandkids.

Carol has experienced first hand the hope and restoration that comes through this Christ-centred Recovery Group.

Hello, my Name is Shari-Lyn a grateful believer in Jesus who has victory over drugs, alcohol, abuse and codependency. I’m responsible for Celebration Place and I’ve completed life’s healing choices and the journey begins. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life, unfortunately my childhood all the way through till my twenties was an uphill battle…however I know one thing and that is when I invited Jesus into my heart and Celebrate Recovery into my life, God has blessed me with so many amazing gifts a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, two beautiful girls, and a forever family that I just adore. I owe it all to Jesus this amazing program and all the hard-working leaders that set the path for me!

Wes is part of the leadership team and has been attending CR since 2017. It was while attending HFFS that he made his way through the doors of CR. It was through the help of these 2 programs that he found he way to God and has never looked back. First coming through the doors for his struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. He has found through working “the journey begins” that there were many more underlying issues than just drugs and booze.

When not helping with CR activities, Wes enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two amazing daughters.

Cheryl is the Co-Encouraging Coach for Ridge Meadows Celebrate Recovery. She started attending Celebrate Recovery in 2007. She has led Ladies 12 Step Group and Share Groups . She loves to write poems and encourages others on their journey of recovery. She enjoys going out for coffee with her friends and forever family. Cheryl has found hope and healing from the hurts of her past through Celebrate Recovery!

Jackie has been attending CR regularly for the past 9 years and is one of the Assimilation Coaches. She co-leads one of the ladies’ small groups, has led ladies step studies, and has helped out in various capacities during our Monday night large group meetings. She is currently a single mom of two adult children and is married to Adam the other Assimilation Coach. She enjoys writing poetry, singing, dancing as well as other creative outlooks.

Hello, I am a grateful believer in Jesus, I have recovery of Alcohol abuse, currently working on fear and self loathing and my name is Adam. I have been attending Ridge-Meadows Celebrate Recovery for 5 years. I normally run the laptop at our Monday night meets, I do graphic design for our Celebrate Recovery Forever Family have led small share groups and the Journey Begins 12 Step Group for men.I love coffee (YAY COFFEE) and am married to the love of my life Jackie.

My name is Shawn and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who has struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety and lots of family mental health issues. I came to Celebrate Recovery 5 years ago and have seen the incredible healing that can happen when I brought my struggles to Jesus. I play drums with many of our worship teams and help with leading our large group meetings. I lead or co-Lead 1 of our men’s small share groups when we meet in person. I have completed 3 step studies and have co-lead another step study. Just a regular guy with a passion for Jesus, walking along side and supporting others as they search for healing from their Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups.

Hi, my name is Mary. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who is giving me victory over co-dependency and emotional eating. I have been coming to CR for the past 5 years and have benefited from going through Life’s Healing Choices, The Journey Begins and The Journey Continues. I love the fellowship and encouragement that I get from the weekly meetings and ladies’ share group. I
am currently serving as one of the Teaching Coaches. I look forward to meeting you.

Hi my name is Michelle and I Love the Lord with every fiber of my being 🙏 I walked through the doors of Celebrate Recovery September of 2016 after I finally surrendered my drinking to the Lord and was SET FREE. I have also overcome my addiction to drugs and cigarettes as well…… CR has been a safe place for me to come as I am and find healing.. I have lead and co-lead the journey begins a couple times and Life’s Healing choices…. My purpose is to be a light for others to find there way out of the darkness by sharring my story and speaking Truth in Live💘 I want to see others rise up and be SET FREE 💪🙏 What God does for one He will do for all…

Hi, I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who has given me victory over pornography, anger, codependency. We are working on being a good steward of all the blessings and challenges ahead.

My name is Stan.

Bruce has been passionate about Celebrate Recovery since 2003 when he went through it for the first time. He has been in recovery for many years but it wasn’t until he came to Celebrate Recovery and learned about Jesus, did the steps take hold of him and do a drastic changes in his life. He ran Celebrate Recovery at a church in Burnaby for 11 years. As well as was asked to be in BC rep for Celebrate Recovery, as well as the Western Canada Director for Celebrate Recovery. He is currently the Senior Pastor at High Way church and through the ministerial he has been asked to be pastoral care for Celebrate Recovery here in Ridge meadows.